Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico Receives the 2016 Quality Award

10/07/2017 - Mexico, Oil & gas
Six Sigma program reduces variability, defects, benefits customers through competitive, reliable products and services.

The Vallourec Group Quality Award is granted by the top management to recognize excellent industrial performance. It highlights the efforts from the local teams to improve customer satisfaction by reducing the number of claims and delivering quality products on time.

Vallourec Mexico quality achievements support our customers' expectations, providing dependable products, services and the confidence to run our products faster. Our customers rely on reduced inspection needs, improved lead-time and a quick response to their rush or special requirements to keep their oil and gas or thermal wells running.

Vallourec Mexico incorporates its customers' feedback in its operations. As a result the company has improved processes and competences to protect our customers from defects. Our Six Sigma program reduces variability, defects, and benefits our customers with competitive, reliable products and services.

The company has obtained excellent results through the implantation of all quality programs and initiatives such as 5 years with a 100% on time delivery. This is why Vallourec Oil & Gas Mexico has been recognized 5 times between 2000 and 2016 for its outstanding performance in quality and productivity, and 3 times for safety results.

Vallourec Mexico management and team members' goal is clear. It is not to obtain an award, but to keep customers always satisfied, demonstrate the quality of the work done in Mexico, and show that using Vallourec's Quality Programs, it is always possible to improve what has already been improved.

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A Global Quality Roadmap

Vallourec's global Quality Roadmap develops programs and initiatives to achieve such high results. Among them Vallourec CAP TEN Quality program safeguards our customers' expectations with 3 key initiatives:

o The right product: Do not transfer defects, produce the right product.

o Auto-Quality: Make each employee accountable of the quality.

o Feedback: Empower team members to improve quality.

Other elements include critical process audits, measurements improvements, and improved process capability.

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