Vallourec develops hexagonal sections

02/08/2017 - Germany
The Düsseldorf-Rath tube works has produced the first-ever hexagonal MSH – within the shortest possible time.


For decades, the product name "MSH section" is an industry standard for hot rolled hollow sections in circular, rectangular or square shape. All the more unusual was the product enquiry from a worldwide operating specialist for large-scale infrastructure projects, that reached Vallourec on November 3, 2016. Needed were hexagonal MSH-sections. This company's new, pioneering system development is largely based on hexagonal hollow sections with both extremely close dimensional tolerances and an outstanding stress-strain behavior.

The affirmative reply came within less than one week. During this extremely tight time frame, Vallourec determined precisely if and how the product request could be complied with, how long it would take and how much it would cost. This was a challenge that could only be mastered through the successful collaboration of Sales, Application Development and the  process teams in the mill. Special rolling stands and tools were developed within 8 weeks and the first hexagonal sections produced, which led to an order for the project requirements within Vallourec after a successful acceptance by the customer.