Drill Products

Vallourec’s high performance connections combine high pressure capability and robustness for performance and ease of use

Vallourec: Your One Stop Shop for All Products from the Rig Floor to the BHA

Vallourec is more than a manufacturer of drilling tubulars, supplying a complete range of proprietary drill stem products. We also design and provide customized solutions to help clients succeed in increasingly challenging well profiles and drilling programs.

Vallourec offers the following standard product lines:

Pipe Dimension Range Description
Drill Pipe 2-3/8" to 6-5/8" 2&3 Wide range of wall thickness
Heavy Weight Drill Pipe 2-7/8" to 6-5/8" 2&3 Welded or integral, slick or spiraled
Drill Collars 2-7/8" to 14" 2 Slick or Spiraled
Performance Drilling Systems Hydroclean drill pipe, Hydroclean heavy weight, risers, landing strings. Proprietary Connections VAM DPR SR and VAM DPR HP gas-tight drill pipe riser connections. ​ ​
Landing Strings For Casing Running and Subsea Equipment Installations ​ ​
Non-Magnetic Materials for Directional Drilling VAM Drilling's Amagnit TM501 and Amagnit TM601 non-magnetic alloys provide resistance to stress corrosion cracking and exhibit considerable anti-galling characteristics. ​ ​
Accessories Kellys, Safety Valves, Upper and Lower Kelly Valves, Check Valves, Pup Joints, Drill Stems, Rotary Subs, Lift Subs and Lift Plugs. ​ ​
Options Internal Coating - Hardbanding - NS1 & NS2 - DS1 & DS2 critical = IRP 1.8 - Client Specifications ​ ​
​Material Selection ​ ​ ​
API E-75, X-95, G-105, S-135 ​ ​
Mild Sour Service VM-105 DP MS ​ ​
Sour Service VM-95 DP S and VM-105 DPS VM-95 DP SS and VM-105 DP SS ​ ​
High Strength VM-140 DP, VM-150 DP, VM-165 DP ​ ​
Low Temperature VM-95 DP LT, VM-150 DP LT and VM-135 DP LT ​ ​
API Connection Complete range of full-hole connections (FH) and numbered connections (NC) are available under API license ​ ​
Proprietary Connections VAM EIS API compatible high-torque connections. VAM CDS compatible with API and certain other double-shoulder connections.VAM Express proprietary high-torque connections. ​ ​


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