​The Vallourec group constantly aims at: efficiency in the use of natural resources, the improvement of techniques that minimize environmental impact, practices that strengthen the ties to its stakeholders and practices that contribute to the safety of its employees and clients. This commitment is written in an Official document of the Group wich is called Sustainable Development Charter​ with the objective of:​

Assuring the sustainability of our business with competitive and innovative products​​


  • Contributing to the safety and the commercial operations performance of our clients;
  • Working together with our clients to reach their expectations and to facilitate their actions related to sustainable development;
  • Innovating and investing in research and development aiming at the development of efficient, safe, competitive and environmentally friendly products.
  • Obtaining operational excellence;
  • Winning new markets.

Keep sustainable relations with stakeholders

  •  Assuring the safety and good health of its employees by maintaining good working conditions;
  • Training and motivating employees to develop their skills recognizing talent and developing careers;
  • Promoting employee satisfaction and rewarding staff according to the company's performance;
  • Reaching our shareholders long term expectations;
  • Listening to and understanding our stakeholders and local community's expectations taking their interests into account;
  • Establishing a reliable and responsible supplier chain;
  • Communicating with stakeholders about our actions.​

Protect the environment and make rational use of natural resources

  • Respecting the environment and protecting biodiversity by preventing pollution, reducing water consumption and waste and reusing by products.
  • Limiting the use of natural resources and implementing clean and safe technologies;
  • Perfecting equipment energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions in our processes.​

On the line of this commitment Vallourec companies support, endorse and follow global principals, targets and goals targeting sustainability and the protection of human rights expressed in The Earth Charter, The Millennium Development Goals and The Global Pact 

For more information about the Vallourec sustainable actions go to Sustainability Report