Energy tubes

The tubes for power generation are manufactured to meet the specificities and demands of the production process and of the market thus having a great variety of applications always upholding the Vallourec quality standards and guarantee.
  • Conductor Tubes

Used in the conducting and storage of fluids in process industries. Used in refineries, Petrochemical industries, Rigs, EPC and Mines among other 

  • Tubes for thermo generation 

Highly reliable for heat alternators, they guarantee high performance in extreme conditions of use, such as great variations in temperature, high work pressure and corrosive and abrasive environments. They are frequently used by boiler and heat alternator manufacturers, ethanol and sugar plants, thermo electric plants and paper and cellulose industries, nuclear plants among others.

  • Onshore line pipe projects

Used in the transportation and distribution of natural gas-gas ducts. They are essential in the segments of industrial, residential and thermo electric consumption.

  • Line pipe offshore projects

Applied in the construction of risers and flow lines to transport fluids derived from petroleum.

Premium Projects and dimensional control

Vallourec, a reference in Line pipe ( on shore and off shore ) projects, always present in projects of this kind, has developed a modern machining equipment ( End-truing) and laser measuring for line pipe projects.

The process consists in machining the ends of the tubes thus guaranteeing precise dimensional tolerances of the internal and external diameters. The machining allows an increase in productivity in terms of welding operations and cost reduction based especially on:

- Decrease in the set up time during the welding process and NDT inspection;

-Elimination of the need for pipe sorting at the base or at the construction site;

-Reduction in losses and rework;

-Reduction in tube delivery time, if we consider that the matching would be done manually out of the line;

-Increase in the resistance to fatigue in dynamic applications such as the production risers.


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