Baú do Álvaro Apocalypse Exhibition

29/09/2017 - Brazil
Exhibition: "Baú do Álvaro Apocalypse" is being held until September 28 and gathers 60 works, which visits the artist's entire journey, from the 1960s to the 2000s.

Works by Álvaro Apocalypse are exhibited at the Vallourec Cultural Space

The first works by the artist Álvaro Apocalypse, one of the founders of the Grupo Giramundo, are gathered in a special exhibition. Until September 28th, the Vallourec Cultural Space hosts the exhibition "Baú do Álvaro Apocalypse", composed of 60 works, including some of the first dolls created by the artist inspired by African mythology. In addition, arrays of engravings in metal and rare drawings detailed in pencil made by the artist are already in the hall of a small theater of the Barreiro Unit's Administrative Center.

All the original pieces that make up the exhibition depict Álvaro Apocalypse's artistic journey from the 1960s to the 2000s. In addition to the works of Apocalypse, the exhibition also brings to the public four paintings by Terezinha Veloso, painter, sculptor, stylist and Alvaro's wife.

The exhibit's curator is Robson Soares, he highlights the value that the works of Apocalypse have for the construction of the artistic identity of Minas Gerais. "Each piece tells a little about the artistic contribution that Álvaro brought to the State and to Brazil. The visitors will be able to know the origins of the Grupo Giramundo and go through 40 years of the career of one of the most fascinating artists of the Brazilian arts", highlights Soares.

Expanded exhibition

As from October 1 to November 5, the exhibition will be transferred and expanded, with more than 100 works, and will occupy two floors of Cine Theatro Brasil Vallourec, to celebrate the fourth year of its inauguration. The public will learn more about the puppets and the process of building the Giramundo characters with workshops and theater sessions.

The visitors will also be able to check out a painting of Álvaro transformed into a 3D painting done by his grandson, Paulo Apocalypse. The idea is that people with visual impairment can accurately size, through touch, one of the artist's works.

About the Artist

Álvaro Apocalypse was a painter, illustrator, engraver, draftsman, theater director, set designer, teacher, museologist, publicist and one of the founders of Grupo Giramundo, which preserves the largest private collection of puppets in the Americas. With almost ten thousand drawings and paintings, Álvaro established himself as one of the great names of plastic arts and theater in Belo Horizonte.