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​About Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil S.A.


Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil (VSB), established in October 2016, is the result of the merging between Vallourec Tubos do Brasil (VBR) and Vallourec & Sumitomo Tubos do Brasil (VSB). Vallourec's interest in the new company is 84.6%, while Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal Corporation (NSSMC) holds 15% and Sumitomo Corporation holds 0.4%. The company has two plants for the production of seamless steel pipes, one in Belo Horizonte (MG) in the district of Barreiro, and the other in Jeceaba (MG).


Barreiro's Plant is one of the most well-equipped steel complexes in the international market, with capacity to produce approximately 550 thousand tons of tubes a year, meeting the needs of the oil, manufacturing, automotive, energy and civil construction industries. Jeceaba's Plant is one of the most modern steel plants in the world, with capacity to produce 600 thousand tons of seamless steel pipes, exclusively for the oil and gas industry.


The seamless steel pipes produced by Vallourec Soluções Tubulares do Brasil supply the national and international market and undergo strict assessment systems, ensuring the high quality of products.


In addition to the Plants in Barreiro and Jeceaba, Vallourec holds the control of the Florestal (Forest) and Mineração (Mining) units, which ensures the supply chain integration with strategic advantages for the company, in terms of raw materials, while supplying charcoal and iron ore, two of the main inputs for the manufacture of steel in the Plants of Barreiro and Jeceaba.



Offer customized solutions in Steel Tubes assuring the satisfaction of its clients and stakeholders.


Be recognized in the market and in society for its sustainable management and as the best option in tubular solutions.

Integrated Management System Policy

  • Stay as a leader in the pipe market because of the trust of its clients in its ability to meet quality, time and price demands.
  • Manage with ethics and social responsibility
  • Promote health and work safety
  • Preserve the environment and prevent pollution
  • Support and improve its energy performance
  • Abide the law and applicable regulations
  • Continuously improve its performance

​Administrative Board Council

The highest governing body of Vallourec is the Administrative Board. It is made up by 7 executives from the Vallourec group. The main attributions of the board are to define the course of the business, to spearhead the making of the strategic plan and define the acquisition of assets among other.

  • Alexandre de Campos Lyra​ (Chairman)

  • Jean-Pierre Robert Luc Michel
  • Olivier Mallet
  • Philippe Crouzet
  • Pierre Frentzel
  • Jean-Yves le Cuziat
  • Didier Hornet


The board of directors is made up of hired professional who follow-up on the current management of the business and are responsible for the performance of the areas.
  • Alexandre de Campos Lyra (CEO)
  • Manfred Ernst Leyerer (CFO)


  • ​​Productive capacity: 550 thousand tons of tubes yearly, considering current mix of products
  • ​Direct staff (31.12.2013): 4.268​ employees

Products and services

Vallourec supplies to the sectors of Oil and Gas, Energy, Industrial, Civil Construction and Automotive.



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